Art Competition for Students

An Art Competition for Students from Class I to X on different topics was organized on 23rd May 2022. Prizes are to be given away by AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni.






Vidyarambh ceremony was held on 22nd April for new KG students. Total 38 students along with their parents were present in the programme. The Principal, Sri. Guru Charan Das Sir addressed the parents and students and highlighted about the importance of Vidyarambh ceremony as well as about parenting. After his inspiring speech, the rituals of the ceremony began with KG students sitting on the teacher's lap, chanting and writing 'OM' on the rice plate. They were given sweets. Parents and students offered pushpanjali to Bharat Mata which was accompanied by bhajans on the background. The programme ended with shantipath.


On 21st April Varsharambh was observed at the school prayer hall during the morning assembly to start the academic session 2022-2023 for the smooth functioning and good result of the school. In both the primary and secondary assembly  Sri. Guru Charan Das Sir, the Principal of the school, welcomed the students for the new academic session with his motivational words and also reminded them about some do's and dont's. Saraswati vandana and bhajans were sang. The programme ended with shantipath.

Utsarga Samaroh and Matri Diwas

Utsarga Samaroh and Matri Diwas was observed for the outgoing class X students on 6th April. The programme started at 8.30 am. The significance of Utsarga Samaroh was explained by Sanjay Sir and Uttara Didi. Students lighted diyas on the outline of the rangoli of India map and took prasad followed by pushpanjali of Bharat Mata. Students and teachers shared their experiences, it was an emotional moment. The Principal, Sri. Guru Charan Das Sir motivated the students with his inspiring words and gave some valuable tips to be followed for their upcoming exam. Thus the first phase of the programme concluded at 10.15 am.

The second phase of the programme was the observance of Matri Diwas. Students worshipped their parents in a ceremonial way by washing their feet. After tilakam and aarti, Ganesh puja and Hawan was conducted by Sanjay Sir. Sri. Bikash Upadhyaya Sir from VKV Dibrugarh was invited to conduct the Matri Puja. Some of the mothers shared their experiences and thanked the teachers for their contribution. After the programme, lunch was served to all.