Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima, a very significant occasion for the Hindus as well as our Vidyalaya. It was observed on 4th July to remind us about the immense contribution of the Gurus upon a student's life. It was observed in the school as well as in Ramakrishna Mission, Bhadoi Panchali to create awareness about our Kendra Padhatis. The programme was conducted immediately after the morning prayer where Ranjit Sir along with the students sang the Guru Strota with full devotion. Thereafter Emon Didi shared with the students the glimpses of thoughts expressed by Nivedita Didi in her letter on Guru Purnima where she highlighted the relation between Guru Purnima and Maharishi Vyas Dev. She also explained the real meaning of Dharma and the value of Omkar. It was followed by two bhajans by the students.

            Another community programme was conducted in collaboration with Ramkrishna Smiti in Panchali Branch with special puja, bhajan, delivering Nivedita Didi's letter and group discussion. Richa Didi elaborated significance of the day and Chandana Didi delivered a speech in reference to Indian Culture. 25-30 devotees approximately attended the programme. Uttara Didi led the group discussion among the localites on the topic "Guru-Shisya relation like Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhamsa". At last the distribution of sweets made the beautiful programme even sweeter.