School as Plastic Free Green Zone

1. Students have stopped using plastic tiffins & water bottles. They use steel tiffins & bottles instead.

2. Students donate books & plants on their birthdays     instead of chocolates thus benefitting the school &   also avoiding plastic wrappers.

3. Teachers & Students carry jute & cloth bag. We avoid single use plastic completely.

4. For prasad  distribution in different pujas & occasions, we use banana & kou leaves instead of disposable plates.

5. Students built a green wall or vertical garden using used plastic bottles. The green wall acts as a natural clean air system & promotes a better breathing environment.

6. Eco-friendly decoration:

a) During summer camps students were trained by renowned artist Sri Prabin Kr. Nath to make various kind of decorative with used paper so that we avoid using any kind of plastic for decorating the school for different occasions.

b) For last year’s children day, we decorated the halls with handmade kites thus encouraging the ue of ecofriendly materials to create not just decoration but help make eco-friendly a way of life.

7. Handmade paperbags were given as welcome gift to participants & guests in school event(Social Science Exploratory Project 2018).

8. The whole year we are also trying to sensitize students, parents, neighbours and shopkeepers to avoid using single use plastic & to adopt eco-friendly habit forming activities.