Sangha Activities

5 Sanghas

The Vidyalaya has created 5 Sanghas namely Paryavaran Sangha (Eco Club), Sahitya Sangha (Literary Club), Ganit Sangha (Math Club), Vijnan Sangha (Science Club) and Sanskritik Sangha (Cultural Club) to give exposure to variegated talents of our students.


Paryavaran Sangha (Eco Club) 


VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni believes in eco-friendly habit formation among its stakeholders. It has also enrolled itself as a member of NGC (National Green Corps). Embracing a passion to work for a green and clean surrounding is what our Paryavaran Sangha (Eco Club) strives for. The Sangha works with (a) the motive to empower students to explore environmental concepts and act beyond the confines of a syllabus or curriculum, (b) the vision to reach out and involve their parents and neighbours and (c) a mission is to raise the students’ ‘interest’ and awareness in environmental issues.

            Therefore the school conducts various activities to sensitize the students, the staff, the parents and the community to achieve this. A few activities of our Paryavaran Sangha (Eco Club) are mentioned below in brief:

·   Using Morning Assembly as a forum for delivering Sensitization Talks to students

·   Habit forming activities such as coming to school on foot or using bicycles, use of steel tiffin boxes and water bottles, carpooling, reusing unused paper, water auditing, regular monitoring of water faucets for leaks, energy conservation etc., donating plants to school on birthdays, Periodic Cleanliness Drives to make students and staff form a habit of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

·   Reaching out activities for school stakeholders (E.g.: A Plant Donation Drive was conducted among the parents in 2018. Winners were awarded on Annual Day.)

·   Awareness creation through school beautification and gardening activities: Through Orchid Garden, Vertical Garden (by recycling used water bottles and bamboo as holders), Kitchen Garden (to learn the basics about farming), on-campus Seed Germination (an educational as well as economically viable activity), Waste Management (Composting and Segregation of waste materials), Eco friendly decoration during celebrations, on-campus shelter for birds etc.

·   Eco-educational Trips (e.g. classes IX and X were taken to Dibru-Shaikhowa National Park for a Survey on Sustainable Development, edu-trip to native farmers etc.)

·   Making school a Plastic Free Zone

·   Various Competitions (to inculcate good habits and interest in eco-friendly activities) such as Debate on environmental issues, WWF Wildlife Quiz, Green Olympiad, other inter and intra school competitions.

A little more information about the above activities :

The Vertical Garden acts as a green wall creating a natural clean air system promoting a better breathing atmosphere. Orchid Garden is yet another step to conserve the rare native orchid species to foster in our students a love for the flora and fauna of the region. Occasionally, the Sangha conducts Plantation drive.

Eco-educational Trips give students valuable exposure and insight into native flora and fauna as well as native farming and entrepreneurship. A Social Science Exploratory Project in Sachoni Merbil village on Eco-Tourism by the students and teachers fetched the “Best School for Social Science Environment’ award to our school in 2018. It was a competition for all the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas of Assam and Nagaland, and 20 schools took part in it.

On-campus Bird Shelters attract birds like Myna (Asian starlings) to the school campus where they breed and give students valuable lessons on food and other habits of birds.

On-campus Seed Germination & Kitchen Garden helps to grow saplings from seeds germinated on the campus, which is not only cost-effective but also provides students basic knowledge about farming. It also encourages students to form healthy food habits. The Sangha also uses organic compost made on the campus.

Waste Management is another regular activity of the school. Through this students learn about organic composting and segregation of waste materials. Two separate dustbins are placed in each class and in different places in the school to collect biodegradable and non biodegradable waste separately. The school also focuses on 3 R’s: Reduction, Reuse and Recycling. The members of the eco-club are working toward responsible waste management.

School as No Plastic Zone Great positive changes have been seen in and around the school because of this initiative. For instance, a large number of students have stopped using plastic tiffins and water bottles. Conscious efforts are made to avoid plastic for decoration and other routine activities of the school.

To create awareness the Sangha holds various programmes and involves students every year in preparing a Wall Magazine, the most recent being ‘Swachchta Hi Seva’ was released on 2nd October 2019.


Sahitya Sangha (Literary Club)


The Sahitya Sangha has been set up to give a forum to the students and the teachers of the Vidyalaya for their literary expressions. It also looks after all the linguistic and literary activities of the Vidyalaya. The primary goal of this Sangha is to inculcate among students a love for languages and enhance their literary skills and creativity. The Sangha was formed with interested students who actively participated in writing, editing and decorating the wall magazines and the display boards under the guidance of all the language teachers of the Vidyalaya.

            The Sangha exhibits annually a wall magazine, depicting various literary genres in English, Assamese, Hindi and Sanskrit. It also arranges quarterly four literary display boards of the four languages. The student members of the Sangha from all the classes enthusiastically expressed their talents. Besides these, the Sangha arranges boards with motivational quotations daily. The Sangha also co-ordinates the common error correction activity, which a teacher performs daily on a board placed in the staffroom. The sangha also regularly undertakes a range of activities in the morning assembly viz. correction of common errors and mispronunciation, talk-shows, skit etc.

            The Sangha has conducted various activities throughout the year. An English workshop was conducted on 21st September for the teachers by the principal of the school to make them confident in using the language correctly. The school arranged a Scholastic Book fair from 12th to 14th May for the students. Dr. Satyakam Borthakur, Professor of Assamese, Dibrugarh University was invited by the Vidyalaya to conduct an Assamese Poetry Workshop on 19th July 2019 and Smt. Lakhimi C. Gogoi, Teacher, Sologuri, Bishnupur continued the workshop on 20th July 2019. 43 students of our Vidyalaya participated in the workshop. They spoke about the essence of the Assamese language and guided students on various aspects of recitation such as pronunciation, modulation, intonation etc. On 11th September, on the occasion of Universal Brotherhood Day, a creative writing competition was organized for the classes VI to X. On Children’s Day, 14th November 2019, a Recitation Competition (for classes KG to V) and an Extempore Speech Competition (for classes VI to X) were conducted.

            The Sahitya Sangha with the collaboration of four other literary sub-clubs acts as a gateway to the potentialities of the children. The members of the club have devoted the best of their time to always raise the standard of the Sangha and they have resolved to go ahead with the same spirit.



Ganit Sangha (Math Club)


            Ganit Sangha endeavours to bring joy to the learning and practicing of mathematics.  It puts efforts to make students feel that Mathematics is fun, exciting and full of wonder.

            By involving students in various mathematical activities the Sangha gives them opportunities to try new things and boost self-confidence. It strives to enhance their understanding of math and cultivate creativity with the right temperament.

            A group of students from different classes contributed to the Ganit Sangha Display Board expressing their creativity and inner talents. Herein they have also learned the art and techniques of material layout and designing within the limited surface.

            The Vidyalaya invited Sri Dhan Pradhan, Vice Principal, VKV Golaghat and Asst. Co-ordinator of GPP (Ganit Prajna Pariksha) to conduct a Mathematics Workshop for classes VIII, IX and X on10th August. He discussed mainly Linear Equation, Quadratic Equation and Coordinate Geometry, and engaged the participants through different problems of the topics. In another session, he demonstrated certain abstracts on magic square and geo-gebra. The whole workshop was interesting and worthwhile.

            From time to time the Sangha put up on display boards mathematical puzzles and riddles to create and sustain interest in the subject. Students who could solve such riddles were awarded merit points. The National Mathematics Day i.e. 22nd December (Sunday) was observed belatedly by the Sangha on 23rd December 2019 (Monday) with an interesting mental math quiz for all the classes.



Vijnan Sangha (Science Club)

            Vigyan sangha plans, organizes and records the science related activities in the Vidyalaya throughout the year. The Sangha instills in students an interest in science. They are allowed to think and explore, and learn how to apply the theoretical concepts in the real world. Under the guidance of the science teachers of the Vidyalaya the students worked on working models, created presentations and answered critical questions based on specific topics. The Sangha Display Board gives a platform to the students to represent their scientific temperament through their creative tasks and innovative ideas. Vijnan Sangha engaged in the following activities also: Participation of students in Aryabhatta Anusandhanatmak Vijnan Prakalpa (AAVP) held at Tinsukia, Participation of Teachers in the National Science Children Congress (NCSC) workshop held at St. Xavier’s, Duliajan, Motivational Science Workshop organized in the Vidyalaya itself to prepare the students for AAVP, Preparation of the students for the participation in Extempore Speech and Poster Drawing Competitions related to science at St. Xavier’s, Duliajan, organized by Aryabhat Science Centre (ASC).



Sanskritik Sangha (Cultural Club)


            Sanskritik Sangha organizes cultural and co-curricular activities to help learners to choose and explore their inner talents as per their aptitude. Through these students learn teamwork as well as focus on their individual talents.




Students from classes IV to X were divided into four Houses viz. Aadarsh, Sadhana, Sangatata and Shraddha. Each house got a topic each to prepare their house display board as given below :

            In addition to the common co-curricular competitions performed in earlier sessions a few more activities were added to the agenda of the Sanskritik Sangha this academic year viz. Clay Pot Painting, Shubha Kamana Patra (Greeting Card Making), News Reading, School Pledge, Rashtriya Geet & Calligraphy. All the activities were divided into ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ categories. Among these, there were two compulsory activities. Apart from the compulsory competitions, every student had to take part in one competition from Category-A, two competitions from Category-B and three competitions from Category-C. Therefore, every student was required to take part in 8 competitions in total i.e. 2 compulsory competitions and 6 competitions of his/her choice. Apart from the above, those who attended Diha Naam workshop during the Summer Vacation were allowed to take part in Diha Naam Competition (in Group) also. All house students were asked to submit their choices to their respective Class Teachers in advance.





            The Sangha designed the programmes in such a way that every student got equal opportunity to take part in co-curricular competitions of their choice to boost up their self-confidence, and give them valuable experience required for their life. The winners are being suitably awarded also.