Principal's message




Respected Parents and Well wishers,


Hope you are all safe and at your home spending relatively more quality time with the family members. It really feels good to be all together at teatime and during meals. You must have developed the habit of doing some light breathing, loosening exercises and 'Pranayamas'  by now early in the morning and during evening hours. Good, indeed. A teaspoonful of lemon juice and apple cyder vinegar mixed with warm water in an empty stomach is not a bad idea. Daily dose of Multivitamins with the suggestions of a medical practitioner also works wonders in enhancing one's Immunity. You can experience the shift from a heavy untimely diet to a light and nutritious one after the Bhojan Mantra being chanted. Lighting a Diya and incentive sticks to sing a Bhajan together with the family members, if possible on a daily basis in the evening will undoubtedly relax you. Steams taking twice a day will not only add to the glow over your face but also will make the virus less active. Our fight to control the spread of COVID-19 has taught us a lot. Its second wave is at its peak with a horrifying fatality rate. Let's all take an Oath to put all efforts to see its No Third Wave.   

Playing   unfearful, unaware of anything else almost three four hours a day whenever, wherever and whatsoever possible filled the lion's share of my daily routine in the childhood. I don't think yours was in totality a different schedule. Drilling multiplication tables, poems and the staff of similar kind with all naughtiness and mischief; running hurriedly almost all together to the urinal the moment the bell rings at the extreme corner of the school and then sharing all rubbish in groups of likeminded classmates were some of the attractions during my school days. I wish my childhood is back to me and yours to you. May I ask you to help your child to gather experience and cherish the attractions of childhood?

An hour of loose talks with close friends in the evening behind the darkest corner a bit away from the township! Relationships were established and broken, strategies and future plans were made and all that- you express saying 'Building castles in the air' . Had a charm and benefits of its own. What was all to make me feel like a man during my college days was a cup of tea and a samosa out of somebody else's pocket. Normalcy and only normalcy, sooner is better. Thank you for the efforts you have been putting towards to minimize the ill effects caused to the human resource by the spread of COVID-19.  

Getting into the profession of teaching after Post Graduation was with not even a single day gap. Knew nothing else but to teach Chemistry. Thought only about teaching. No worries, teaching and only teaching. This journey in life for many others is not as easy and smooth as it was for me. Many are compelled to move out either for a business or in search of a job or an alike even amidst lockdown inviting risk of getting infected. There is an incredible loss to each and every individual. The economy of the country, no way an exaggeration, has shown a ten year setback. Recovery, re-establishment, reformation, rebuilding will take time but will surely happen. Till then let's keep doing good things-

1.      Strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols.

2.   Efforts to enhance Immune System.

3.   Inculcating good habits.

4.   Sanitization.

5.   Vaccination.

6.   Help to the needy.

7.   Quality education on virtual platforms.

Stay Home Stay Safe. With regards from

Guru Charan Das