Capacity Building Programme on Value Education

A Capacity Building Programme on Value Education was organised by CBSE in our Vidyalaya on 10th February. It was a one-day workshop. Sixty participants from different schools took part in the workshop. Sri. Ravindranath D. Savdeykar Sir, Principal VKV Dibrugarh and a member of CBSE committee was the resource person for the session. He started the session with a small meaningful video showing how removing a obstacle from the society is a charity. He asserted upon the fact that values should not be treated as an 'ideal concept' but an empowering tool. He asked the teachers to become a role model to exhibit the values instead of merely preaching the values. He conducted  many group activities among the participants and the participants came up with many innovative methods to create awareness about value-based teaching-learning process in the classroom. Besides this, he also mentioned about a book  'Education for values in school - A Framework by NCERT' which is helpful for the teachers to be used in the classrooms. With the help of some ready-made cards provided by NCERT, the teachers were given some activities which they can apply in the classrooms for the awareness of value-based education. Also,  he opined that as the society has been changing tremendously so the contemporary education system also needs some changes. The values that we inculcate need to be integrated in the lessons taught. The resource person appreciated the support and initiative extended by the participants. Special food arrangements were made for all the participants. The entire workshop was well-conducted and well-organized.

Utsarga Samaroh and Matri Puja

Utsarga Samaroh and Matri Puja was observed for the outgoing class X students on 8th February 2023. The programme started at 6.30 am in the morning. The significance of the day was explained by Smt. Meghna Kakoty Didi, Principal VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni and Sri. Sanjay Srivastav Sir. The students were blessed for their bright future and they lighted diyas on the outline of the rangoli of India map followed by pushpanjali of Bharat Mata. Thus the first phase of the programme concluded at 7.30 am.

The second phase of the programme was the observance of Matri Diwas. Students worshipped their parents in a ceremonial way by washing their feet. Matri Puja was conducted by Sri. Sanjay Srivastav Sir. He explained the importance and value of a mother in a child's life. It was an emotional moment for all. Some of the mothers and students shared their experiences and thanked the teachers for their contribution. After the puja, prasad and breakfast was served to all. 

74th Republic Day cum Saraswati Puja

Republic Day marks the adoption of India's constitution and the country's transition to a republic. In our vidyalaya Smt. Meghna Kakoty, Principal, VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni hoisted the national flag and delivered a powerful speech about the cultural diversity and diversified manifestation of underlying unity in India. She emphasized that change is necessary for progress. Nishant Sir spoke about the significance of the day. Ranjit Sir performed a melodious song and the program ended with Shantipath. After which our vidyalaya started preparation for Saraswati Puja.

Sarawati Puja was solemnised at the school with much fervour and enthusiasm The teachers and volunteer students started preparing for puja from the early morning. The puja started at 8.00 am in the morning. Students, parents, well wishers all attended and took part in the puja asking for goddess Saraswati's blessings. The Hawan was performed at 10 am wherein all the students, teachers and well wishers joined in performing the rituals. Saraswati Mata Aarti was then led by the Purohit followed by everyone. Prasad, Kheer and Khichdi were prepared and relished by all present. The celebration ended at around 4 pm in the evening. Evening aarti was done at 5 pm.

Samartha Bharat Parva cum Swami Vivekananda Jayanti (Annual Day)

Samartha Bharat Parva is the celebration of strength of India, which was observed in our vidyalaya from 25th December, the first day of Swamiji's meditation on rock to 12th January, Swamiji's birth anniversary. All the teachers offered aarti to Bharat Mata after school hours. Everyday a teacher delivered a speech on the potentiality and capabilities of India during the morning assembly.

On the eve of 160th birth anniversary of Swamiji, 25th Annual Day Event and National Youth Day, our Vidyalaya arranged a rainbow of programs showcasing the talent of more than 250 students. Several distinguished guests including the Chief Guest Sri Bhupendra Goswami Sir, HOP AGBP NEEPCO Bokuloni, Guest of Honour, Mrs. Mitali Goswami, President Ladie's Club AGBP NEEPCO Bokuloni and Sri Bharat Chandra Deka, GM AGBP NEEPCO Bokuloni graced the occasion. The program was inaugurated with Pushpanjali and the lightening of the lamp followed by speech of the guests. 

After the formal function the cultural function started with a dance item on Saraswati Vandana spreading the spiritual vibes on the auspicious morning. Several enthralling programs like poetry, song, dance etc. entertained the audience. A drama on Mahabir Lachit Borphukan was the attraction of the whole program. The group song and the group Janajatiya dance represented the colourful dance forms of ethinic tribes of Assam which mesmerized everyone spreading the message of unity and assimilation. The whole program was beautifully anchored by Prisha Mech and Niharika Moran of Class IX.

Kalpataru Diwas

Kalpataru Diwas was observed in our vidyalaya after morning assembly. The program started with Mangalacharan followed by a melodious bhajan by Emon Didi and Emon Chetia, a student of Class X. The significance of the day was explained by Sanjay Srivastav Sir followed by Pushpanjali by all students and teachers. The program ended with Shantipath.

Annual Sports Week 2022-23

Annual Sports week was held in our vidyalaya from 28th December to 31st December. It was a 4 day event and various exciting games were organised for primary and secondary students.

Assam Divas

Assam Divas also known as Sukapha Divas was observed on 2nd december 2022. The program started with Mangalacharan and followed by a group song by students. A beautiful video was shown and a speech on the significance of the day was delivered by Emon Didi.