School Premise

Unique Features of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEEPCO) Bokuloni :

     1. Students are culturally, artistically and spiritually rich, found to be disciplined.
     2. Community involvement is good.
     3. There is unity and co-operation among Staff-members, they form a good team.

     Best Practices of the Vidyalaya :

1. The School is very concerned about Nature. It provides an Eco-friendly (Plastic free) environment to its stakeholders organizing various activities such as
    - Making 'Best out of Wastes'.
    - Plantation of flowers, medicinal plants and herbs on student's birthdays.
    - Donation of books to the Library on birthdays

2. Provides a platform to Staff-members (Teaching and Non-Teaching) & their family members on every Sunday to learn and teach Kendra Prarthana, Bhajans, Madhurashtakam, Lingastakam, Gita Shlokas etc.

3. Literary workshops (writing & speaking) for non-teaching staff-members both on school's platform as well as in Amrit Parivar.

4. The Vidyalaya also organizes 'Skill Exchange Workshops' for all the Staff-members.