Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

Each Child is Potentially Divine

Mission Statement 
we are building a community where curiosity is cherished, respect is paramount, and collaboration is fundamental. With a strong emphasis on character education, social-emotional learning, and global awareness, we aim to shape confident, compassionate, and visionary leaders who will positively impact the world around them. Our school is not just a place of education; it is a beacon of hope, a sanctuary of growth, and a pathway to a brighter future for all who pass through its doors.

We Believe: "We believe that every human being is empowered to develop her/his best potential". 
We See: We see empowerment as the distinguishing feature of all our educational effort and are convinced that it takes place best in a school which is a dynamic entity involved in discerning the needs of our times and flexible enough to readjust its structures and activities to respond to them. 
We Recognize: We recognize that it requires an atmosphere where all the values of selfless service, man-making and nation-building are lived out by all and where striving for excellence at the level of one’s potential is an essential element. 
We Accept: We accept that this demands a certain level of awareness at administrative and staff levels so that it becomes a continuous process affecting staff, student, and parents and taking precedence over all other motivations. 
We Recognize and Strongly Affirm: We recognize and strongly affirm that the special thrust of our Institution becomes credible in India today, where ‘Service before self’ is lived out both in attitude and structures. 
We Prioritize: We prioritize the practice of the important human values and encourage students to gain confidence so that they grow as the responsible citizens of the country. We, in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas aim to give all-round development i.e Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual development to the students through various activities so that the hidden talents are developed to the fullest.

The Management, staff, alumni, and parents share a collective vision and mutual purpose in education so that the students may fruitfully contribute to the wider society and address the realities and concerns of our country and of the world.