Celebrating Children's Day 2019

Celebrated Children's Day on 14th Nov 2019
Eco-friendly decoration of the school with colourful kites instead of balloons, nutritious tiffin cooked by the teachers for the students and various indoor and outdoor games for all the classes among other activities marked the daylong celebration of Children's Day on 14th November 2019 at VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni.  

Formal celebration was held in both senior and junior assemblies delightfully. The teachers in both the assemblies commanded, said the prayer, took the pledge, read the news and sang the National Anthem. Smt. Mowsumi Gogoi and Smt. Banashree Baruah spoke on the significance of the day in Senior and Junior Assemblies respectively inspiring the children to strive for a noble life.  A Poem Recitation Competition was held among the students of classes IV and V after the morning assembly.

After the assembly children enjoyed themselves by taking part in various sports and games. The sporting events were: In & Out (KG), Music Chair (KG), 20 Metre Sprint (KG & I), Hopping Race (I), Spoon & Marble Race (II & III), 50 Metre Sprint (II & III), Frog Jump (II & III), Needle & Thread Race (IV & V), Chess (VI & VII), Long Jump (VI to X), Football (Boys, Girls, House wise) and Volleyball (Boys-House wise).