An Interaction Session by Mananeeya Vishwasji 1st Aug 2020


An Interaction Session by Mananeeya Vishwasji, Jeevanbratee Karyakarta of Vivekananda Kendra, former Education Secretary of VKVs (Northeast) and presently Prant Sangathak of VK Maharashtra Prant.

The story shared with students was just a beautiful reminder to us that we shouldn’t forget our duties towards our sisters. This is another roll of a female played with care and affection, and protecting our sisters is our duty. Simply amazing to have a session just before Raksha Bandhan.
We need to teach our students to learn more values, not only by talking with them about it but by making them practice it, by practicing ourselves values before telling them. Very nicely with full positive energy he gave us the lessons with the stories from real life. Our experienced teachers who were there with him are really blessed and they also have the same enthusiasm to do good for society. One positive soul with good intention can make a great difference.