“Rashtriya Poshan Maah”

On account of Rastriya Poshan Maah the following activities were performed by the students under the guidance of the Science Teachers:

1) All the chapters related to food and nutrition are explained and activities related to the          chapters were performed by the students.

2) PPT Presentation on the topic –“Nutritious Tiffin Items” was assigned to the students of        VI to IX standard.
3) A project on “Germination of Seeds” was assigned to the students of class V and Class        VI.
4) Class-X Students were involved in sowing seeds and plantation in the preparation of a           Kitchen Garden.

Students were assigned to go through the following activities:
    -   Preparation of Soil (Tub)
    -   Watering and adding manure.
    -   Sowing seeds
    -   Observation and conclusion