Chidren's Day

Children's Day was celebrated in our Vidyalaya on 14th November. Morning assembly was conducted by the teachers. In both the senior and junior assemblies teachers performed patriotic songs. Jyotsna Didi delivered a speech in Junior Assembly and Mowsumi Didi in Senior Assembly. After assembly a small gift was given to all students as a token of love and different games were arranged for the students like Treasure Hunt, Chocolate Race, Balloon Bursting, Drop Ball etc. A movie (The Lion King) was shown to the junior students and a friendly football match was arranged for the senior students. An Essay Competition was arranged for the students of Class VI to X, after which Class VII students went to play Kabaddi Match with Chi Chia Bokuloni High School. At the end of the activities light lunch was served to the students. Students and Teachers enjoyed the day and participated in all the activities with great joy and enthusiasm.