Parent Teacher Meeting 2023-24


The Parents Teacher Meeting for the academic session 2023-24 was scheduled in the vidyalaya as follows:

Class KG, I               - 19/5/23    Time: 12:00 pm
Classes  II, III           - 20/5/23    Time: 12:00 pm
Classes IV, V            - 22/5/23    Time:  2:00 pm
Classes VI & VII      - 23/5/23    Time:  2:00 pm
Classes VIII & IX     - 24/5/23    Time: 2:00 pm
Class X                      - 18/5/23    Time: 1:30 pm

The PTMs that were held started with Mangalacharan and a Welcome Speech by Smt. Meghna Kakoty, Pricipal VKV(NEEPCO) Bokuloni followed by introduction of the teachers. Class Teachers expressed their views and remarks which was followed by Subject Teachers views. For classes I, II and III meetings, a ppt. was presented by Sushila Didi to give an overview of the ABL system. Model classes were led by Ranjit Sir and Parishmita Didi. Demonstration of classes were done by Uttara Didi and Richa Didi. Interactive sessions were there between teachers and parents.