Sports Week

The annual sports week held from 3rd to 6th January 2024 began with the flag hoisting and an inspiring speech by Smt. Meghna Kakoty, Principal, VKV (NEEPVO) Bokuloni. During the opening ceremony, students from classes IV and V displayed a lively Lezime and Dumbbell performance.  Each and every student from all the houses eagerly took part in different games. They were awarded with medals and prizes. The event wrapped up with a sports day on 6th for teaching and non-teaching staff. They too enthusiastically participated in every game.  For Classes Nursery and KG, the sports day was held on 28th December 2023 and for Classes I, II and III it was held on 29th December 2023. The whole week was full of enthusiasm and eagerness to win the medals for their houses. All Students were fired up, focused and ready to win. The Sports week ended with the flag lowering ceremony led by the Principal and sports teachers.