Capacity Building Programme on Value Education

A Capacity Building Programme on Value Education was organised by CBSE in our Vidyalaya on 10th February. It was a one-day workshop. Sixty participants from different schools took part in the workshop. Sri. Ravindranath D. Savdeykar Sir, Principal VKV Dibrugarh and a member of CBSE committee was the resource person for the session. He started the session with a small meaningful video showing how removing a obstacle from the society is a charity. He asserted upon the fact that values should not be treated as an 'ideal concept' but an empowering tool. He asked the teachers to become a role model to exhibit the values instead of merely preaching the values. He conducted  many group activities among the participants and the participants came up with many innovative methods to create awareness about value-based teaching-learning process in the classroom. Besides this, he also mentioned about a book  'Education for values in school - A Framework by NCERT' which is helpful for the teachers to be used in the classrooms. With the help of some ready-made cards provided by NCERT, the teachers were given some activities which they can apply in the classrooms for the awareness of value-based education. Also,  he opined that as the society has been changing tremendously so the contemporary education system also needs some changes. The values that we inculcate need to be integrated in the lessons taught. The resource person appreciated the support and initiative extended by the participants. Special food arrangements were made for all the participants. The entire workshop was well-conducted and well-organized.