National Herbs and Spices Day

On June 10th 2024, our Vidyalaya celebrated Herbs and Spice Day with a delightful event that brought together teachers and staff in a unique and engaging manner. The event was organized with the aim of educating participants about the various herbs and spices, their benefits, and their importance in daily life.

The celebration began with the collection of around 18 different spices, each with its own distinct aroma and texture. The highlight of the event was a blindfolded game where teachers were asked to identify these spices using only their sense of touch and smell. The game saw enthusiastic participation, with two teachers taking the lead while the rest enjoyed the spirited competition.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as teachers tested their knowledge and sensory skills. Among the participants, a winner was chosen based on the number of correctly identified spices, adding a competitive edge to the fun-filled activity.

Following the game, Srivastav Sir delivered an insightful talk on the benefits of various spices in our daily lives. He emphasized the importance of incorporating these natural ingredients into our diets and maintaining a stock of them at home for their numerous health benefits to balance the three doshas, the basic human types. His talk enriched the participants' understanding of the holistic advantages of spices beyond their culinary uses.

The event concluded successfully under the guidance of Principal Meghna Kakoty Didi. Her support and leadership ensured that the day was both educational and enjoyable for everyone involved. The event wrapped up with the distribution of gifts to the participants, followed by the Shanti Path, which brought a peaceful and reflective end to the day's activities.

Herbs and Spice Day at our Vidyalaya was an amazing experience that highlighted the essential role of spices in our lives. The event not only provided valuable knowledge but also fostered a sense of community and fun among the teachers.

This celebration was a testament to the school's commitment to holistic education and well-being, making it a memorable day for all participants.