PPT. Presentation on different Migratory Birds of NEEPCO Campus

 Date: 5th June

Occasion: Environment Day

Venue: School Auditorium

Guest Speaker: Chiranjit Boruah, Assistant Officer, Chemical Department, NEEPCO

Overview: On the occasion of Environment Day, a special Ppt. presentation on bird watching was organized at our school. The event aimed to educate the young students of classes III, IV, and V about the diverse migratory birds found within the NEEPCO campus.

Guest Speaker: The presentation was conducted by Mr. Chiranjit Boruah, who serves as an Assistant Officer in the Chemical Department of NEEPCO. His extensive knowledge and passion for ornithology made the session both informative and engaging for the young audience.

Felicitation: Smt. Meghna Kakoty Didi, Principal, VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni graced the event and felicitated Sir with a traditional Fhulam Gamusa. Following this, Chandana Didi inaugurated the programme with an inspiring speech about the importance of environmental conservation.

Event Highlights:

             Presentation Content: Mr. Boruah showcased a series of captivating images of various migratory birds. The list of birds included:

o             Blue-throated Barbet

o             Yellow Wagtail/White Wagtail

o             Black Hooded Oriole

o             Rose-ringed Paraket

o             Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

o             White-capped Water Redstart

o             Hodgson’s Redstart

o             White-breasted Waterhen

o             Blue Rock Thrush

             Students' Reaction: The students were thrilled to see the vibrant images of the birds. Their enthusiasm was evident as they eagerly participated in identifying the different species shown during the presentation.

             Educational Message: Mr. Boruah emphasized the importance of trees as essential habitats for birds. He advocated against deforestation, highlighting how crucial it is to preserve these natural habitats to support avian life and biodiversity.

Conclusion: The bird watching presentation was a resounding success. It not only captivated the young audience but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards nature conservation. The students left the auditorium with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the avian species that coexist with us.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chiranjit Boruah for his insightful presentation and to Principal Meghna Kakoty Didi for her unwavering support in organizing this enlightening event.\