World Environment Day Celebrations

On June 5, 2024, our Vidyalaya hosted a special event in celebration of Environment Day, highlighting the importance of environmental conservation through cultural and historical narratives. The event featured an inauguration of a Sanskrit board connected to the Ramayana and an inspiring speech by Jyotsna Didi, which underscored the profound link between the environment and ancient Indian epics.

Opening Ceremony: The program commenced with Nishant Agarwal Sir anchoring the event. This was followed by the inauguration of the Sanskrit board named "Sanskrit Surabhi," created by the Class VIII students. The board serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and its relevance to environmental awareness.

Key Highlights of Jyotsna Didi's Speech

Congratulatory Message and Introduction: Jyotsna Didi extended heartfelt congratulations to all attendees, expressing her joy in presenting "Patrika," an educational piece that delves into the environmental teachings within the life journey of Lord Shriram.

Significance of the Date: Jyotsna Didi highlighted the symbolic significance of presenting "Patrika" on Environment Day. She explained the intrinsic connection between the life of Lord Shri Ram and the environment, aiming to inspire the audience to draw lessons from this relationship.

Environmental Inspiration from the Ramayana: She emphasized that Lord Shri Ram's fourteen years of exile provide a powerful example of environmental stewardship. From his birth to his administration and eventual passing, Shri Ram's life reflects a deep respect and love for nature.

Cultural and Historical Insights: The speech underscored the role of Indian culture, especially the Ramayana and Mahabharata, in imparting valuable lessons on environmental conservation. These ancient texts offer timeless teachings on living harmoniously with nature, which remain highly relevant today.

Application of Ancient Wisdom: Referring to specific examples from the Ramayana, Jyotsna Didi illustrated how Shriram's actions during his exile symbolize environmental consciousness. She detailed how Shriram and his companions respected and preserved the forest environment, emphasizing nature's role in their survival and success.

Modern Relevance: She encouraged the audience to apply the environmental teachings from the Ramayana to contemporary conservation efforts. The principles of respecting and protecting nature, as demonstrated by Shri Ram, can guide modern practices and policies aimed at preserving the environment.

Additional Activities

Speech by Sudip Sir: Following Jyotsna Didi's speech, Sudip Sir delivered a motivating talk on the significance of Environment Day, inspiring students to take an active role in environmental conservation. Sir added what can we do as individuals to contribute to environmental conservation. For this we need to take some practical steps that each of us can take in our daily lives.

Group Discussions and Competitions: Two group discussions were held, categorized by junior and senior groups. The junior group discussed "Our Land and Our Future," while the senior group tackled "Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience." Students presented their insights in groups, demonstrating a deep understanding of the topics.

Judging and Conclusion: Judges Banashree Didi and Sudip Sir evaluated the presentations and posed questions to the participants. The program concluded with a Shanti Path, leaving a lasting impact on the attendees.


The Environment Day celebrations at VKV NEEPCO Bokuloni successfully reinforced the importance of environmental stewardship among students and staff. Jyotsna Didi’s insights into the Ramayana provided a rich, historical perspective on how ancient wisdom can inform and inspire modern efforts to protect our planet. The event emphasized the deep-rooted connection between cultural narratives and environmental conservation, making a significant impression on all participants.

About - Ram Jeevan Yatra ( Main focus was given on Ram Jeevan Yatra)

The "Ram Jeevan Yatra" is an educational initiative that explores the life journey of Lord Shri Ram, focusing on the environmental teachings embedded in his story. Through this initiative, students learn about the importance of living harmoniously with nature, drawing inspiration from ancient texts to apply in contemporary environmental conservation efforts.